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Summer has arrived, and this is a World Cup year for football. However, for football games, it also marks the end of an era. FIFA International Soccer made its debut in December 1993. The EA/FIFA collaboration ends this year and is not under the best of terms as we previously reported back in February. As a result, the upcoming FIFA 23 will be the last FIFA and EA collaboration for the foreseeable future.

EA isn’t done with the sport after FIFA 23. Next year it becomes EA SPORTS FC. But where do we stand with this year’s installment as normally we’ve seen news and information and some footage or a trailer? This year EA seems less willing to share details. However, one leak may give us a glimpse

FIFA 23 Leak

A store leaker by the name of Aggiornamenti Lumia posted something found on the Microsoft Store. This led to a copyright strike over images. They did grab file sizes for the beta and alleged release date. For Xbox Series X/S the beta is said to be 38.85 GB. For Xbox One it is expected to be 37.31 GB. It is supposed to launch on 30th September. It’s a believable date as that’s usually when FIFA has launched, late September, or early October.

Before images were removed, we saw France and PSG star Kylian Mbappe as the cover star. There is one image still available and it is of a goal celebration featuring Manchester City. That image looks accurate due to the fact the kit is the new kit and features a new signing Erling Haaland who moved from Borussia Dort this summer. Givemesport also removed an article over reports Chelsea Women’s Sam Kerr also appearing on the cover. However, we should expect to hear more news soon. So what do you think about this news? Are you a fan of the franchise or is it one you avoid? As always we’d love to hear from you. So why not get in touch and share those thoughts.

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