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I’ll often watch YouTube and look at trailers of upcoming games. It may be some survival horror or city builder or open-world game I’m looking at. Consequently, by watching various trailers I discovered a few games that are really exciting. Examples were Wronged Us, Stray Souls, and Greyhill Incident. As we know two of these just got brought to the attention of others with release windows. One game constant on a lot of these goes by the name of Black Myth: WuKong. It has a lot of footage out there and we know how well the developer’s Game Science used Unreal Engine 5 to adapt the Journey to the West mythology the game is based on.

Black Myth: WuKong has a new trailer from earlier in the year. The trailer is how shall I say unique. So if the game is one you’re interested in, you may want to check out the trailer below.

So with it being the Year of the Rabbit, they created this trailer to wish us all a Happy Chinese New Year. In the trailer’s story, we see a young rabbit get a copy of Black Myth: WuKong for his PC. Eager to install it, we see the disc inserted and a failure on installation. So fast forward to spending more money, and upgrading hardware to face another problem. Our rabbit faces a timer and is unable to play. However, we see the game running in the trailer, seemingly years later.

As For When We Can Experience Black Myth: WuKong

The trailer closes with our rabbit seeing the game in action before the camera pans to a camera for 2024. Then we see an official release window. So we can experience this game hopefully in the Summer of next year. It’s been over three years since announced and prior to this trailer no real news since August. Hopefully, in fifteen months, we are gearing up to tell the launch day information

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