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It’s that time of year again where gamers and brands alike take part in the fun and games centered around April Fool’s Day. From fake products to hilarious services, today is full of gems. And let’s be honest, with COVID-19 still keeping everyone indoors, we need all the laughs we can get.

We’ve rounded up some of the best gaming-centric pranks to check out right here. And make sure to pay attention, sometimes we get lucky (or maybe not) and these products of fiction become reality.

Without further ado, here are your April Fool’s Day 2021 pranks!


Razer, Champs of RGB, want to make sure you have RGB everything. Through the power of hair-dye nanotech, Check out Razer Rapunzel Chroma Hair Dye. If you’re dying to know what you would look like with the glow up, check out Razer’s AR filter:


For April Fool’s Day, Pokémon accounts ditched the signature yellow mouse for a Pokémon #399, Bidoof. They were kind enough to send an apology as well:


Fans of the Astro A40’s rejoice. Enhance your hearing both in and out of the game:


Fuel your endless loop with a big bowl of Deathloops:

Linus Tech Tips

Seems like the folks over at Linus Tech Tips took adding new revenue streams to another level. Who knew Linus could make sandals look so good:

For Honor

The folks over at Ubisoft want to make sure their warriors get to have some fun as well. There may be squeaky toys involved:


Seems like MODUS is on the fritz again. Don’t worry though, the good people at Bethesda support are aware of the situation:


The OverWatch Team is thinking of some patch changes. You should check them out before they make up their minds. Experiment patch notes here.

Hardware Canucks

I never considered having a PC Case being used for anything other than housing a PC. Consider my mind blown and may make this happen IRL:

Immortals: Fenyx Rising

That +2000% damage buff is looking really good, not gonna lie:


The good folks at Logitech are doubling down on their invest in man’s best friend:


While others are investing in dogs, Dontnod is placing their bets in our overloads, cats. Yes, I said what I said.


Team Crema trolling fans looking for a sneak peak of a new region of TemTem:


We’re circling back to man’s best friend for the last entry. MKBHD shares his latest review in the best looking Mac we’ve ever seen:

So that’s it for the April 2021 April Fool’s Day round-up! Did we miss any that deserved to be shared? Let us know in in the comments or on our social media accounts @Lv1Gaming. And let me know which April Fool’s Day prank war your favorite @DarkTagger.

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