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Aquanox Deep Descent

Aquanox Deep Descent Review

Aqaunox Deep Descent is a re-imagining / reboot of a game franchise that started in 1996.  The series has remained a PC exclusive franchise thus far and with this latest entry, continues on with the tradition.  The game was successfully crowdfunded…

Going Under Review

Going Under Review

Going Under almost set itself up to be another run of the mill rogue-like dungeon crawler.  However, Aggro Crab (the developers) decided to use their first game to lampoon work culture, specifically Silicon Valley and Millenials.  With that unique hook, I…

Minecraft Steve joins Smash

Minecraft Steve Joins Smash

Nintendo released a new Smash Bros presentation that revealed the new fighter to join the roster which ended up being Steve from Minecraft! Minecraft is the highest selling game of all time at over 200 million units sold, so it makes…

US Army Esports

The US Army Esports Team Controversy

The US Army’s esports team has “paused” video game streaming on Twitch following the controversy over its recruitment practices and policies.  For the uninitiated, the US Army has an esports team.  It was created in November 2018 just before it was…


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