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Okay, this is beginning to get old. Each day that passes someone with a ‘credible source’ claims Bloodborne is coming to PC. Keep in mind I do not see this rumor as one that is not possible. Instead it’s one that’s just a wish list for PC gamers that I do hope they receive. According to Bloodborne is set to come to PC following Horizon Zero Dawn. This ‘credible source’ they have is apparently from the popular forum Reset Era. RespawnFirst will not say who the leaker is due it being what they describe as a sensitive matter. Be sure to take this leak with the smallest grains of salt. The leak is as follows:

BLOODBORNE is currently in development for PC. I wanted to go ahead and get this to you guys who love to game on PC. This could take 10 months up to a year to get announced but other Sony games to PC might get announced first and this later! If you thought that Horizon was the only one coming to PC then prepare to get blown away. But yeah, do NOT take this as 100% confirmation and wait for official news! And of course, take every leak with a grain of salt.

My sources are from the gaming industry and from the word’s most active gaming forum that is Era. Fully trust em on this one and have known them personally for a few years now. Peace out. PS: If you know some people from foreign countries or from Era do not share this with them. This is only and only for you guys since this is a private group.
I do not believe there are enough laughing emojis in the world for me to place on this article. Just know, I truly am laughing.

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