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Kraken Academy Banner
Official Kraken Academy Banner, courtesy of Happy Broccoli Games

Recently I was able to play the Kraken Academy extended demo thanks to Disobey! Kraken Academy is from an Indie studio in Berlin (Happy Broccoli Games). And let me tell you… I. Loved. It! I loved it so much. It’s an RPG without the fights (as far as we know), mystery, time-travel type game. Or to paraphrase Disobey “Danganronpa and/or Monster Prom type game”. So here’s my Kraken Academy early impressions!


This game is a top-down adventure visual novel type of game; and, like mentioned before, this has elements of an RPG in it. There are plenty of puzzles for us to solve. Like blowing up a wall and figuring out how to crash the VIP party! One of the big elements of this game is growing friendships. Like being part of the music club I went to the band practice; but other than one other person, I was the only one to show up!

We practiced together anyway, and afterward, I was invited to go see a movie with her. I totally went with her and after the movie & doing well in the mini-game action sequence, I gained a friendship badge.

Another fun point is that to buy things in the game you need money. And the way you collect money is by running around collecting trash. From either find piles around or beating up dumpsters, you collect garbage to recycle in a vending machine. And I found this hilarious and ironic as the main character comments how gross the academy is.

While the demo is well… a demo, there were a good number of characters I got to meet in the game. And while I was able to start some quests, I wasn’t able to complete all of them. And that is simply due to not having access to certain parts yet. I look forward to being able to finish them in the full game.


The profile card of the MC on Kraken-net, the in-game Social Media.

As far as the story goes you play as a male character that you are free to name. You are able to customize his background by choosing what zodiac sign, likes, and dislikes your character has. Just be aware that once chosen you can’t change it (at least that’s how it was for me when I tested it). The game starts out with you, your sister, and your mother on the way to the new school. And your sister is getting to join the “nice club” while you… are not.

Your mother drops you and your sister off, with your sister promptly taking off. Leaving you alone, only introduce you to three characters right away, two of which are fighting. Then another character Broccoli Girl, who is actually a giant broccoli, shows us the way to our club (which we end up having to buy a pass from a teacher). From there the story really begins! We get to meet all sorts of people from our club and the other clubs! With puzzles and quests to complete, one of which I personally had fun with was helping someone write a love letter. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Activating the Karken Amulet for the first time!

Eventually, we meet the Kraken, and are told that it’s up to us to help him save the world! We learn about the spirits of the school and how they are trapped, and how the world will end in 3 days. It is during this time, you get to choose what to do with your time. I went to band practice and got to level up my friendship. Afterward, I got to go to the movies with a member of my club. At one point, I was able to release one of the spirits trapped and got to travel back in time to go release another one.

One of the things I love is how as the time grows closer to the end, you can see how the school is being affected. There are earthquakes, cracks in the ground, and eventually, we get to see alligators start eating people! The demo was so much fun that I was sad when it ended. I wanted to see how the love letter went, to see the other clubs, and more. I can’t wait for the full game to be released!

Graphics & Look:

One of the puzzles that the player will have to solve.

I really like the look of the game with the 8-bit vibe going on. The game is colorful, dark, and dull when appropriate. There is even weather mechanics in the demo. At one point it rained but maybe in the full game, we’ll get to see snow or maybe it’ll just be rain. Either way, I enjoyed seeing something different. The characters stand out when first introduced and when talking, allowing you to know exactly who is speaking and giving you a better look at them out of their 8-bit form.

Final Thoughts:

Kraken Academy was funny, outlandish, silly, and an all-around good time. The characters are so lively and ridiculous that it’s beyond entertaining. My Kraken Academy early impressions are nothing but excitement. I am so hyped for this game and, as I said before, I can’t wait to play the full version!

Kraken Academy is coming out on September 10th for PC. You can wishlist & grab it from Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, or Humble. For more info on the game make sure to check out their official website & see the launch

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