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In the world of fantasy to take down the strong, we must band together with our friends to defeat the boss. However, what if there were nothing but bosses, and we need next-level coordination from our group? Well TrinityS answers that with this coop-centered boss rush-styled game. However, the question is, is it a fun-filled time or not? Well, read ahead to find out with our TrinityS review.


The story in TrinityS is… well to put it simply rather not there. There is no story beyond what seems to be in the game’s description. Not even any cutscenes in the game, except those that play after a battle.

However, even these are minor and act more like a post-victory screen. Its only story scene is towards one of the last boss fights where the team gets sucked into a portal. This then leads into a scene where the boss just beaten gets an ultra-dark form and you fight an even harder version of that fight.

Overall nothing is compelling about the story simply because there isn’t one. Now there are games where you can create your own story… however, TrinityS isn’t one of those games.


The art style in TrinityS is almost this weird combination of a hyper-stylized Anime aesthetic that meets Bratz toys. To be a hundred percent honest it makes the game seem weird. The colors are vibrant at times and other times super dark and can be nice. However, it is the main look of the party, most notably in the face that seems almost doll-like. Not in a good way either.

Now the bosses are rather cool-designed enemies if a bit standard fair. You have a Lava Golem, a Sea Dragon Leviathan, A Qiling, or a mythical Chinese unicorn capable of controlling thunder. You have a Chimera and lastly the Protector of the underworld Cerberus.

While the bosses are nice and enjoyable, they are enemies that are so common that there is nothing that makes them memorable or stand out as unique designs. And the environments match the arenas for the bosses. However, they also feel shallow. Overall the look of TrinityS is pleasant, but at times, it feels uninspired.


The audio in TrinityS is rather enjoyable. The background soundtrack gives the feel of each boss having their epic soundtracks and it makes the battles feel intense and cool. Along with the intense anime trope of the characters yelling out their moves. This small note of design is fun.

Outside of this though, the audio is rather lacking. The attack sounds get lost in the loud sounds of combat from either the monsters screeching or their attacks. And while they sound semi-impactful. It is all lost amongst the noise.


The gameplay of TrinityS has to be the part where I wanted the game to shine… However, I found it more frustrating than not. A caveat though, this game aims for COOP play as its primary draw, and while reviewing there was no online. So I was playing with bots so do take that into account as I will adjust accordingly.

TrinityS Offers three various characters each with a class to play as. You have Gale the Knight, Emile the mage, and Bell the healer. Each has a very set role. Gale focuses on attacking in the front and defending while maintaining rage as a tank. Emile is focused on hitting hard with spells while ensuring survival due to his squishy nature. finally Bell as the healer supports all characters with healing and cure spells to keep everyone fighting.

The combat in the game is all automized. You will attack automatically based on a circle around the character which is their field. You also only get 3 spells to use, which you can change in between fights and death to fit your needs. This allows you to experiment with a build that works.

There is also an auto mana system that only refills when you stand still and stops when you move. Now the issue with TrinityS is the fact that in solo play, the AI is beyond atrocious. I mean this as they don’t react to commands or requests. Moreso they don’t coordinate well and more often than not they will leave you to die.

They are useless and with each boss having unique inta-wipe tactics or needing coordination it would be easier with other players. Now even with other players, it doesn’t change the fact that the combat is rather shallow with the gameplay. As well as it doesn’t change the fact that the bosses themselves can be aggrevating.

Not to mention the final boss was annoying in single-player. I tried to utilize each character class but due to the AI no matter what they were simply frustrating. While the game can be an interesting concept it feels very shallow.

Closing thoughts:

Overall my time with TrinityS was not the best. Between cheap frustrating gimmicks for each boss, mixed with useless AI the game is a mess played by yourself. While it may be better in coop, it doesn’t change the overall design of the game which feels that much more could’ve been done. That truly could’ve elevated the game.

Thank you to the team at Phoenixx for providing the key for our TrinityS review. TrinityS is out now on PS4 and PS5. As well as previously being released on PC.

Let us know your thoughts on the game below, have you checked out TrinityS? Do you plan to play with your friends, let us know your thoughts on our TrinityS review and read more of past reviews.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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