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After what feels like an eternity from that Dead Island 2 reveal at E3 2014 we are close to a final release. If you want to see how the game appeared nearly a decade ago then look here. We know the game won’t be delayed any further as the game has now gone gold. Just recently we saw gory but impressive gameplay showing the game is looking in good shape. So prepare to visit Hell-A on the 21st of April.

Since the fourteen-minute gameplay video, some early game previews have gone out and are seemingly positive. All the more reason to get ready to slaughter some zombies perhaps? IGN posted up a preview based on five hours of gameplay which can be read here. So what else can we expect? Let Dambuster tell us themselves about Dead Island 2. They took over the project in 2018 and started it from scratch.

Dead Island – More Details

In an interview with WCCFTech, we can at least tell you the campaign length. They spoke with Adam Olsson the game’s art director who said with the addition of a couple of side quests, you can expect around twenty hours of gameplay. However, this game time can be expanded with collectibles, playing as a different character, or experiencing the game co-op. The original game was fun but with a friend, it was a treat to play. It seems like we could get even more so here. Then players are going to mess around with the newly talked about FLESH system.

That system takes dismemberment to a whole new level. Basically, when you hit a zombie you really feel as though you’ve actually struck them. And you can keep at it to create some very gory moments indeed. So will you be ready to take on HELL – A next month? As always we love hearing from you so why not get in touch and share your thoughts?

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