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LV1 Gaming made its way to PAX West 2023 and had the opportunity to interview the publisher behind Zoria Age of Shattering. Developed by Tiny Trinket Games and published by Anshar Publishing. This title is a squad-based tactical RPG with base management and crafting. Also, we had a chance to team up with Grown Women Gaming’s Chareece to interview Jakub from Anshar Publishing. And we got a chance to sit down and play this upcoming title.

Key Features

  • Take command of a diverse team through various lands in the continent of Uram.
  • Zoria has you exploring the formally lush and beautiful lands that are not haunted and full of monsters.
  • Dynamic Turn-Based Combat has a variety of ways to take down enemies from up close or afar.
  • Equipment and vitality degrade over time so crafting and rest play a large part in this game.
  • You not only have your team to manage but a base to upgrade and utilize.

Zoria Age Of Shattering Gameplay & Interview

A squad-based tactical RPG with fluid turn-based combat, outpost, and followers management, set in the expansive fantasy world of Zoria. Lead a team of four heroes with their unique skills and perks. Every team member contributes to undertaken battles.

Official Steam Page

One mechanic that stood out to me was how intense the combat is; you’ll need to plan your moves carefully. I was punished for not maneuvering my units properly. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of save files for this game. Also, the official release date for Zoria Age of Shattering is unknown, but it is expected to be sometime in Q4 2024. A demo with approximately 3 hours of content is currently available on Steam. If you enjoy tactical RPGs, add Zoria Age of Shattering to your wishlist.

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