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Halloween is soon upon us yet again, man time really flies by. With the bewitching hour approaching it is time to talk about the horrifyingly comedic manga Mieruko -Chan by author Izumi Tokomi. I really love this manga and I hope this article brings more people to it. This is You Need To Read The Horror Comedy Mieruko-Chan. There will be spoilers so beware….you’re in for a scare.

Wonderfully Written Story

Mieruko-Chan is the story of high-school girl Miko who has the unfortunate ability to see spirits and tries her best to ignore the horrific beings she sees. The overall plot may seem simple the way that the story is told and written is so well done. You can understand the fear that she feels whenever she sees these spirits and has to interact with the world around her. A great example of this is a chapter where she is on a train.

In this chapter Miko sees this ax-wielding spirit going down a line of fellow passengers making its way to her. This is just one example of Miko trying to do just normal everyday things but is unable to feel safe due to seeing really horrifying things. The story has many great moments like these. Scary.

Great Art

For a horror manga, the art needs to be on point and this one is. The drawings of the spirits are truly terrifying. Artist Izumi Tomoki does such amazing work that captures the reader’s attention and is able to keep it through their stunning visuals aside from the horror. A great example is a chapter where the main character and her friend go to a shrine.

Ar one point in the chapter Miko’s friend Hana decides to take a picture at the shrine entrance. There are spirits fighting in this scene. Because Hana cannot see these spirits we the readers are given a visual delight. The art for this part is beautiful, to say the least. It’s great, you should read the manga.

The Characters

From fun and energetic to mysterious and weird the characters are great. The characters in this series are just fun to read and watch. They are lively and interact with the world and Miko in fun and interesting ways. From Hana to an old medium lady who runs a kinda shady shop the characters are unique. A great example of this is Hana.

Hana is the perfect contrast to Miko who is kinda worn by the spirits. She is upbeat and ignorant of the ghost which helps bring about the comedy of the series. Also, there are many more characters that I wish I could talk about. I’m doing my best not to spoil too much.

Parting words

Man, this manga is great! I hope you guys read it, it deserves the love. Izumi Tomoki is a great artist and writer. Speaking of writers (nice transition) you can find more of my work at Caleb J on lv1 gaming and you can find Mieruko-chan on Amazon. Thank you for reading and until next time I hope you enjoyed it.

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