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Nintendo, the one-time savior of the gaming industry now proud to take their fan’s money for incremental changes. With the announcement of the OLED Nintendo Switch, Nintendo continues to show they will milk their consumer’s pockets for every slight improvement. In addition to being the Disney of the gaming world, they also take full advantage of gamer’s love for nostalgia. Whether it’s charging $59.99 for a three-year-old digital game (Breath Of The Wild) or shutting down Smash Tournaments. Nintendo has a hold on gamers and they know it and take full advantage.

The Nintendo Switch, a great fusion of the handheld and console. Personally, I bought one to play The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, then I found myself playing some indie games and Skyrim (again). Never taking time to set up the docking station, the switch has been a pure handheld console for me. My only issue outside of the rarely discounted prices of older games is the battery life. Then the rumors of the “Nintendo Switch Pro” start flying around the internet speculation around the potential advancements sound amazing. My mind goes back to when the GameBoy leaped to the GameBoy Light and even advancing to the GameBoy Color. But alas, Nintendo continues to show us they care very little for the fanbase.

OLED Nintendo Switch

OLED Nintendo Switch

Yes, they increased the screen size and added a better audio system but that sounds like shorter battery life. Yes, they added an adjustable stand, but how long before we have issues with it. Did they make any improvements to the Joy-Cons? My issue with the new Switch is that the changes made are not a major leap in the power or battery life. I understand this is not a new process for Nintendo hell, I got a couple of the DS and 3DS. I won’t be picking up this version of the Nintendo Switch but a lot of people will. The cycle of full-price small changes will continue because they will sell like crazy. Maybe the next version will come with a low-power and 4K Ultra HD mode then they will call it the Nintendo Switch Sport and it’ll launch with a new Mario Kart DLC.

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