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It is always unfortunate when plans for a major publisher or console maker get leaked. However, it is even worse when it shows the plans for an entire generation. Late last night information pertaining to the Xbox console plans was leaked after being uploaded to the court.

As fans, these leaks can be a great thing as they can give us an idea of what potentially is in the works. Plans to know what we may be getting down the road, or things that have been brainstormed. However, at the same time, they can be plans from years ago, that may have been pivoted away from.

This is exactly what happened as plans for Xbox were accidentally released to the public. In a statement, it was revealed that Microsoft had accidentally uploaded the slides of their plans that were going into this generation. Some of the info was that there was to be a mid-gen refresh of the Xbox Series X with a disc-less version with more storage offering a 2TB SSD. The idea of an all-digital version of Xbox’s most powerful console doesn’t seem too far off. However, the fact that Phil Spencer previously said they had no plans for a mid-gen refresh during an interview with IGN.

Mid Gen Consoles:

Interestingly along with the news of a possible refresh on the consoles comes a new controller. The controller is codenamed Sebile. The information about the new controller shows a rather interesting future for the peripheral. As the controller will include rechargeable swappable batteries, use more recycled plastic and less resin. It will also allow for repair and disassembly, modular thumbsticks, and quieter buttons. But most importantly offer new immersion tools. Offering haptic feedback similar to that of the DualSense controllers for PS5, built-in speakers, as well as an accelerometer. This means that the controller may finally offer gyro support. Something Playstation, Switch, and even Mobile devices have been taking advantage of for a while.

Now that doesn’t mean it will be a game changer or anything crazy. However, there are some games that could now finally come to the platform due to this being a key feature. I’ve said in the past that small changes, like the haptics, gyro controls, and others can go a long way to improving and offering new ways to play for Xbox. While the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it method has done wonders for creating a long-lasting controller. It limits new ways to immerse in gaming. However, the option to leave off a touchpad was a much wiser decision. Earlier this year there was a patent to add an OLED screen and buttons from a 3rd party controller company.

Bethesda Titles:

Now not only were their mid-gen plans shown off. So was the upcoming slate of in-development titles coming from Bethesda Studios. With some known projects but also many unknown ones. Showing there is a possible Oblivion and Fallout 3 remaster in the works. As well as a new DOOM game titled DOOM Year Zero with DLC. There are also two unannounced projects called Platinum and Kestrel. However, there were a few surprises such as a Ghostwire Tokyo Sequel and Dishonored 3. But most notably there is another Licensed IP game. This is different from the Indiana Jones game which is listed already.

With such a large scale of titles in the works under the Zenimax umbrella. While it is unfortunate again that this information was sent out to the public due to an error. It is still some enticing information to know about possible projects in the works.

Let us know what you think about the fact that now these Xbox console plans are out there. Are you interested and excited about the leaks, let us know down below.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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