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Now I did not do a deep dive into the news around Discord being available on my Xbox. All of these thoughts and concerns were the first thing to come to mind. Also, I know that for now it is not an app but would not be a surprise if that is the next step. So these are just my paranoid ramblings and worries for the future.

According to The Verge

Discord voice chat on Xbox works by essentially transferring voice chats from Discord to an Xbox, and it’s supported on both Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X consoles. That means you can’t directly join Discord calls from an Xbox, and there’s no dedicated Discord app on the console. Instead, you always use the mobile app to sling calls across, and they integrate into an Xbox Party-like interface.

By Ash Parrish and Tom Warren

The idea of using Discord instead of the chat system on Xbox sounds amazing! But I’m concerned about accounts that are compromised and how that can impact my Xbox Account. Recently while using discord I had a message from a person I communicate with regularly. It was an invite message to another Discord server and thankfully I checked in with them before clicking it. Turns out they were hacked and that link would have hacked my account as well.

This is a common issue with Discord and I wonder by directly using it through my Xbox will it be put it at risk. The last thing I need is my profile to get taken over and to begin spamming my friend list to hack theirs as well. Now of course I could be paranoid and worried for no reason. But it does happen enough on the app to worry and ask the question.

Y’all Make Sure To Let Me Know How It Works

Before I use Discord through my Xbox in any capacity I will wait a while and let other folks QA test it. Also, my computer is very close to my Xbox Series X so there is no major reason to connect it. At first glance, this is dope because most people I know do not enjoy the current party chat system. Hopefully, this will be hacker free and alleviate heavy breathing over the mic.

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