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Koei Tecmo has been working with EA on a monster hunter-style game for a while now. However, we had very little knowledge of the game. But, after a sweet tease from the official Twitter account, we got a date for the trailer on September 28th. And that morning they did not disappoint as the Wild Hearts trailer revealed some exciting gameplay.

In the first reveal trailer, we got quite the introduction to the world. In the background, we hear a voice giving a narration of the world. Speaking about the Dangers and monsters that fill it. All while we get a view of a few of the monsters that players will be facing.

However, it is then revealed that the players hold a special power, the seed of creation. This gives players the ability to create unique traps and weapons in the world. Even abilities to alter their weapons and create temporary modes of transportation.

Now while the gameplay looks interesting some fans are uncertain as this is coming from EA after Anthem. However, the title is an EA “Original” meaning they are simply publishing it, not developing it. Similar to what they’ve done for Josef Fares and his Hazelight Games, A Way Out & It Takes Two.

Although it is a bit weird seeing a large publisher, publishing another large publisher’s, especially Japanese publishers, title. Now, this could be to simply help with promotion in the west. Either way, the gameplay looks promising and exciting.

Wild Hearts will be available on February 17th, 2023. There is no confirmation on Platforms as of this time. So what do you all think about the Wild Hearts trailer? Did it get you excited and wanting more, are you happy for more Monster Hunter-style games? Let us know down below!

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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