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For you wonderful readers, I’m back with more anime awesomeness. This week, I’m talking about one of Hiro Mashima’s many works, including Rave Master and Fairytail. Edens Zero is the story of Shiki, a little boy who travels through space in quest of a god-like figure known as Mother. In this article, I’ll go over what makes this series so awesome. There will be spoilers, so proceed with caution.

Creative Use of Powers

The use of the powers within Edens Zero is creative. Many of the protagonists must use their intellect and strategy to overcome the challenges they face, rather than the conventional shounen punch harder to win. Outside of battle, the characters employ their abilities to assist them with various tasks. Weisz is a great example of this.

Weisz has an Ether Gear called Machina Maker which allows him to control machines. Within the series, the main group is always around machines, so this power can be really useful. Weisz is always using this to get info from computers or make/upgrade new tools or weapons. I think this show is awesome.

World Building

In season 1 alone we the viewers see so many worlds as the crew travels planet to planet, seeing how they work and how the everyday personal lives. The worlds that they go to are alive much like the islands in One Piece, and much like One Piece, the character’s actions have an impact on the cosmos. An example of this is Sun Jewel.

Sun Jewel is a planet that at first glance seems like a beautifully rich world however you the viewer soon learn of the work camps for the criminals. For crimes like trying to stop armed robbery you to can work in dangerous mines where you have to get 100000 ores by fighting monsters. By the end of this specific story arc, the actions that the characters take have an impact on the Sakura Cosmos. Screw Kurenai, Homura deserves better!

The Characters

And like any good show or manga, the characters are truly what is important. Each of these characters feels so right with where they are within their role in the story, each of them playing an important part in an adventure with an unfolding mystery. And one character Homura is great with a small quirk where she just can not say what she thinks, it’s really funny. Another great example is Shiki the main character.

Shiki is a fun naive protag who grew up on a planet of sentient robots, which is where he learned to care for androids and life in general. Throughout the series, we see as he makes more friends and how they help him grow and visa-versa. Shiki is only one example there are many great characters in the series. Space One Piece is great.

Parting words

This was Why Edens Zero Is So Great, I really enjoy this series. It really does remind me of One Piece but different enough to not be a copy, which is good. To watch Edens Zero go to Netflix and for more of my work got to Caleb J on lv1 Gaming. I hope you enjoyed it and until next time.

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