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Y’all already know what time it is! It’s DallazMan here back for another Lv1 Gaming original! You already know I love to ask our 2XP Podcast squad random nerdy, off the wall but interesting questions. With this in mind, its time for yet another brain-teasing question to ask the Podcast squad. What Was Your First Anime? My introduction to the world of anime was a bit of a strange one compared to most people I know. That said, I’m curious about what anime our 2XP Podcast squad started with. I lowkey didn’t expect any of the answers I got. Check out what we had to say and our reasons for our choices in the video below! What was your first anime? Why did you watch that one first? Finally, Did watching this shape the way you watch anime today? Let me know in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more original content form Lv1 Gaming! <—Random Article | Random Article—> Leave some suggestions on what we can do better or change. Are you interested in writing, editing or just being a part of Lv1 Gaming? CONTACT US HERE! Be Superhero and Like, Share and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Go Tomb Raiding and give us a follow on Twitch as well! Would you kindly follow us on twitter at @Lv1Gaming Also follow our Facebook page!

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