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If you have made your way to Weaver’s Fen in New World you know there is a lack of iron nodes to farm. Not only iron but fiber(hemp) is far and few between as well. So what do you do? You can travel across Amazon Game Studios’ creation and collect material to bring back. Another option is to check out this low danger farming location in the mountains.

So there are some sites that show you where things are located in New World. I use them heavily but one thing that is not shown is the respawn rates and how much traffic is in that area. So similar to my fiber farming guide. Here is where I recommend you go when looking for iron and hemp in Weaver’s Fen.

South East Mountain Range In Weaver’s Fen

Weaver's Fen

What makes this place so special is there are a low amount of enemies once you get there. The mountain range is in the shape of a horseshoe that you can run in a loop. You will find iron, silver, platinum, hemp, blightroot, and a couple of wolves if you need rawhide. The only negatives of this place are you have to pass an area full of aggressive gators to get there. Also if you see a lot of people there already I would go do something else until they are gone. Please don’t try to cross through the water to get there I drowned. Hopefully, this farm makes your stay in Weaver’s Fen a little more enjoyable. This is not the prettiest part of Aeternum but it does have a lot of oil and gators to farm.

Weaver’s Fen Iron Farm Location

Weaver's Fen

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