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One of Warframe’s Earliest Environment Receives full Re-envision with Revitalized Gameplay, Unquestionable Visual Upgrades, a New Warframe, and More. Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes has reimagined Warframe®’s earliest levels in The Deadlock Protocol, available now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Like Chains of Harrow and The Jovian Concord before it, The Deadlock Protocol delivers iconic new visuals, sound, and gameplay elements. This includes but doesn’t stop at parkour-friendly vertical remodeling to revved up boss fights, and backstories behind the Corpus’s rise to power.  All while also adding 2020’s newest badass Warframe, Protea.

Introducing Protea, the 43rd Warframe

Led by the powerful Ability to stop enemies in their tracks by rewinding time (using an Ability called the Temporal Anchor). Protea has an array of offensive and defensive grenades, drones, and turrets bringing a battle tactician’s edge to the fight. Players can investigate her origin story as the former Corpus head bodyguard in her own unique Quest. Players will also uncover a quiver of technologically advanced weapons from the new Corpus Armor Set and Primary Rifle to the Gunblade Melee, to new Kitguns, and more in Deadlock Protocol.

Corpus Origins Revealed

Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol weaves larger-scale story implications into the modern lore and mythos. Tenno must investigate the Corpus Faction’s desperate ploy to break their board’s political in-fighting. Through combat and discovery, Tenno will learn a small Corpus sub-faction has begun a devious plan to resurrect the faction’s founder. A revival that poses an alarming new threat to the Origin System’s balance. Determined to strengthen their armada and bolster a growing space fleet against the Sentients and the Tenno, the Corpus’ plans for unbridled power must be put to an end.

Boss Fight Enhanced, Parkour Perfect

Nearly every aspect of the Corpus’ early environment has been upgraded, starting with gameplay. Fresh challenges begin with the renewed Jackal boss, a fight sequence now extended across multiple levels that dares players to rethink tactics. The new Granum Crowns bring a spendable currency that opens up a wild variety of gameplay options, including being transported to a surprising new Corpus netherrealm. With nearly every wall, corridor, and room supporting parkour mobility, the possibilities are near endless. For more detailed information, visit

So, what are you waiting for? Download The Deadlock Protocol for free today on PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo™ Switch. Would you like to join the Warframe community? Head to our forums to start a conversation. Check our official website at To keep up with the latest updates from the development team, be sure to follow Warframe on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What do you think of Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol? Do you have what it takes to confront the new Corpus threat present in the Deadlock Protocol? Let me know in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more from Lv1 Gaming! <—Random Article | Random Article—>

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