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Outriders is far from Perfect

Outriders Is Far From Perfect, But Simply Fun

Look, good people of the gaming community, play the games you enjoy. Even though Outriders is far from perfect it’s all I have been playing. This game filled with awkward loading screens, bad online connections, and frustrating map markers. Let’s be…

Biomutant looks to deliver

Biomutant Looks To Deliver A Solid Action RPG

Experiment 101 has developed one of my most anticipated RPGs of this year. Biomutant looks to deliver an intense Martial Arts focused action RPG. This post-apocalyptic world filled with Kung Fu, guns, melee weapons, and a variety of mutated animals looks…

Ubisoft Shifting Focus To Free-To-Play Games

Following the surprise news from Ubisoft when they announced a free-to-play title in The Division franchise. This was the upcoming The Division: Heartland due 2021-2022. After an interview with VGC, they revealed they will be focusing more on it “high-end free-to-play…


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