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Video games have been around for decades and as time has gone by we have seen games stories adapted for other media. Video game adaptations have been made for both cinema and television. For example, we saw Super Mario Bros as a live-action film and more recently the much more successful animated film version. Resident Evil has seen live-action films and a series but gained more acclaim with the animated versions of both. For a lot of fans video game adaptations can be a blessing or a heavy curse.

Some have worked and been well received, others less so. Halo Season 2 is seeing more praise than its first Season. We’ve seen Twisted Metal get decent reviews and a confirmed second season. The live-action Resident Evil series on Netflix was not received well by the gaming community. HBO gave us The Last of Us which was a success and we knew very swiftly Season 2 was on the cards thanks to Neil Druckmann. Sonic has been deemed the biggest success after a shaky start with the first live-action design of the iconic blue hedgehog.

The Upcoming Video Game Adaptations

A second Super Mario Bros animated film was confirmed by Nintendo and Illumination. Which is not surprising based on the first one’s success. In April we have Amazon Prime bringing us a live-action Fallout TV show. We also have God of War being adapted by Amazon but that is much further down the pipeline. Netflix is also creating a series based on the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. As we see below from Geoff Keighley’s tweet, both series are currently being worked on.

Also, Jack Black is taking on the role of Steve for Minecraft alongside Jason Momoa. And as you can see in the video below he’s clearly taking the role seriously.

We also see the world of Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima getting adapted for a movie. Fans of Tomb Raider can expect a TV series by Netflix which has a trailer available below.

So back to the original question, are they working? More often than not they are if you look at The Last of Us show, Twisted Metal show, and the recent Super Mario Bros movie. If you look at the live-action Resident Evil adaptations for example they aren’t. The question of whether they are good is subjective. For example, I enjoyed the first two Resident Evil films but felt let down by Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. I’ve met fans of The Last of Us who despised the show. So it appears that there is no clear answer or key to success after all.

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