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Unicorn Overlord has been out for a little over a month. And there has yet to be a moment where my time felt wasted. First off, this is a tactical role-playing game developed by Vanillaware and published by Sega and Atlus. In many ways feels like a modern-day version of one of my all-time favorite games Ogre Battle 64. But in my 30+ hours of playtime, I’ve noticed mechanics that make it easy to progress while not holding your hand.

Rewards For Restoring Towns

So throughout the game, you will encounter towns controlled by hostile armies and need to clear them out. Upon defeating the enemies the townspeople will thank you and you will be able to access the shops and make deliveries. Throughout the open world, you will find nodes of resources ranging from plants to minerals. I have not experienced any crafting but they can be turned into towns for money and other rewards.

After turning in so many deliveries the town is restored to its previous glory. Once that happens a new option appears on the town and you can place a soldier there to function as a guard. Now initially I was worried I would not have access to them on the battlefield if I did this but that is not the case.

But the real reward is they automatically collect local resources after battles and you receive extra money. So I make sure to free as many cities as possible and then quickly restore them. I am rarely lacking in resources when time to make deliveries and keep nice coffers.

Auxiliary Battles (Level Farming)

Another way Unicorn Overlord respects your time is the auxiliary battles. These are locations spread throughout the map that give you access to repeatable battles. These battles are level-based to match the current region you are in. If you are in an area with level 20 enemies the auxiliary battle will be filled with that same level of enemies.

What makes these battles so beneficial is they often have catapults or ballistae to melt through enemies like butter. So you get whatever unit you are trying to level up into one of these machines of war. Then let them take out the nearest enemies on their own and level up with ease. But on top of that, you are rewarded money, honors, and even military treatises (free xp). This is the quickest way to rank up recruits or to power level your army so that you are strong enough to take on the enemies of the area.

Unicorn Overlord Respects Your Busy Life

Overall I am enjoying my time with Unicorn Overlord. It was made for the busy gamer who loves tactical RPGs. The ability to fast travel to any important place you have previously been to instantly. The way you can filter your list of soldiers when equipping items or looking for an ability to use. So many little quality-of-life improvements reward you anytime you play the game.

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