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It is the season of rebranding, Amazon’s Twitch Prime is now called Prime Gaming. Firstly, Prime Gaming is included with the Amazon Prime subscription that costs $12.99 a month. Importantly, the benefits of having prime membership have not changed. All of the digital loot, monthly free games, drops, and free tier 1 subscription is there to stay. Twitch Prime is Now Prime Gaming   Moreover, this name change is a way to keep the branding similar to other Amazon Prime services. Prime Gaming will now match up with Prime Reading, Prime Video, and etc. That is to say, no official statement has been made about the reason for the name change. Prime Gaming is now matching up with the rest of the Amazon Prime Services will lead to more users. Twitch will likely see a growth in users do to this change. Mainly because it is now clearly marketed as part of the Prime subscription service.  

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