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Magic is everything in the world of Black Clover and there are many types of magic within this world. A lot of the magic is just insanely powerful and so fun to watch. From magic that is darkness itself to controlling time, this is the Top 5 Magic Types In Black Clover. Warning there are spoilers, I hope you enjoy.

Light Magic

The power to use light as a weapon while not unique to this series is used in creative ways. The character whom we see use it the most can move at light speed and heal just as fast while also being able to make flexible weapons and attacks. I love this magic because of how creative we see the user can get with it, and not just with raw power…even though it is there in spades. if I had this I’d make a lightsaber.

Dark Magic

Aside from being used by the biggest badass in the series Dark magic is one of the most powerful and unique in the show. The main ability of Dark magic is that it can cut through dimissions, which allows the user to be able to attack enemies or break through certain obstacles that they wouldn’t be to otherwise. I love Yami he’s the best.

Time Magic

First off Julius is the GOAT, now that that’s out of the way, time magic is by far one of the most powerful we have seen. From halting the time of a person putting them in stasis to shooting out a blast of accelerated time as an attack. This is one of the coolest powers in the series given to one of the best characters which once again is used in a very creative way. Julius is the Goat.

Word Soul Magic×1080/black-clover-4k

To say a single word and for it to happen, to look at an enemy and say fall and they fall, this is Word Soul magic. Possibly the most broken form of magic within the show is used by a horrifying devil who does not care for mortal life. Truly scary and powerful having given all the characters in the story a fight for their lives. Was I the only one who got scared by that devil? No? Good!


Black Clover

I’m cheating a little here not gonna lie since this is technically not magic. Within the world of Black Clover Magic is everything, so what happens when someone counters all of it? This is Anti Magic the power to negate magic, and in this world that is truly powerful. There are many ways to use this power that I won’t get into here however I will say that it is used in a great way with unique and creative writing backing it. Magic? Nah I’ve got that anti-magic.

I’m soooo tired aka parting words

Yami is the best anime beefcake and no one can tell me otherwise. This was the Top 5 Magic Types In Black Clover I hope you enjoyed it. For more of my work go to Caleb J at lv1 Gaming. For Black Clover go to Funimation to watch it and to read it go to Viz. Until next time I’m getting some sleep.

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