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Top 5 Best Devil Fruit In One Piece (Spoiler Warning)

  Devil Fruits, the mysterious fruits that grant the eater great power with the cost of no longer swimming. Throughout the series, we have seen many different Devil Fruits from useful to powerful and to the just plain odd. Here I take a look at the top 5 best Devil Fruit in One Piece. There will be spoilers so be warned.

Magma-Magma Fruit

  The Magma-Magma Fruit is a logia type fruit that allows the user to turn their bodies into magma. Easily one of the most if not the most destructive logia type devil fruits especially in the hands of an experienced user. The first time we saw the Magma-Magma fruit in action was at Marineford during the war of the best. The current known user is Fleet Admiral of the Marines Akainu.  

Quake-Quake Fruit

  Another fruit that is first seen at Marineford (going to see a few of those)  the Quake-Quake fruit grants the eater of the fruit the ability to create powerful seismic activity. From what has been shown of this ability, the seismic activity is powerful enough to cause earthquakes across the globe. Possibly the most powerful Devil Fruit seen in One Piece thus far as it has the true capabilities to destroy the world. The current user of the Quake-Quake fruit is Marshall D Teach Aka Blackbeard.

Darkness-Darkness Fruit

  The second and last logia on the list, the Darkness-Darkness Fruit essentially gives the user the power of a black hole. What makes this fruit so dangerous is its ability to cancel out other Devil Fruit abilities when the user makes physical contact. The largest downsides of the fruit are unlike most logia the fruit doesn’t give the eater the ability to turn into the element meaning the user retains a solid form additionally, any pain inflicted upon the user is amplified. The current user of the Darkness-Darkness Fruit is Marshall D Teach Aka Blackbeard.  

String-String Fruit

  The String-String Fruit is a paramecia type Devil Fruit That allows the user to create and control string. While the description of the abilities doesn’t seem all that impressive, take into account the many uses in the hands of a capable user. From using the string to use people as puppets to using it as a cutting wire and to flat out make a copy of yourself, the String-String Fruit has many applications and uses that make it a worthwhile fruit. The current known user of the String-String Fruit is Donquixote Doflamingo.  

Phoenix Fruit (No Offical Name)

  The Phoenix Fruit has the ability to let the user turn into the mythological Phoenix. Additionally, the Phoenix Fruit is within the rarest category of Devil Fruits known as the mythical zoan.  The user of the fruit is able to turn into a fiery phoenix while the flames cannot hurt others they can be used to heal the user as well as let the user be a sort of medic with their healing flames. The current known user is Marco (no last name) former first mate of the Whitebeard Pirates.  

Parting words


This was the Top 5 Best Devil Fruits In One Piece. In all honesty, there are many, many, many, more great Devil Fruits in One Piece that are amazing. However, there are just so many so much so that I might make another of these lists. For more of my work, you find me here, and to read or watch One Piece you can find it on Crunchyroll, Viz, and Funimation.

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