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2K today announced that Hall of Famer, six-time NBA World Champion & former teammate of Bugs Bunny Michael Jordan, will appear on both covers of the NBA 2K23.

Alfie Brody, Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy for NBA 2K spoke about the return of the GOAT:

“After making 23 the most recognizable number in sports, it was only fitting that for NBA 2K23 we introduce the Michael Jordan Edition. Additionally, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new premium edition of the game with the NBA 2K23 Championship Edition, as no other player embodies the word ‘champion’ like Jordan. This limited-edition version will also offer players the opportunity to catch on-court action throughout the season with a 12-month subscription to NBA League Pass* included. We look forward to celebrating this game with the community when it’s released on September 9.”

To the elite of fans, The Jordan Challenge, which challenges players to replicate 15 memorable moments from Michael Jordan’s brilliant career, will be brought back in NBA 2K23 along with Jordan’s return to the game’s cover art. For a brand-new generation of players to experience, all ten of the original Challenges from NBA 2K11 have been entirely rebuilt from the ground up and will return this year, along with five new classic Jordan moments. These Challenges, each with its own game style, make use of more than ten years’ worth of technical advancements to offer a totally new way to experience Jordan’s accomplishments.

More cover athletes will be revealed in the next two days and pricing when pre-orders go live on July 7th.

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