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The Tokyo Game Show, also known as TGS, is perhaps one of the four largest game shows in the industry. Throughout the year all big news would be from E3, Gamescom, Paris Games Week and The Tokyo Gameshow. In the games industry most events would be held in public for the masses to enjoy. While only being broadcasted online for those unable to attend. However, due to the continuous threat of Covid-19, most events have transitioned to being streamed online. The Tokyo Game Show 2020, set to be on September 23rd through the 27th, will also be online. Titled TGS2020 Online, this comes as no surprise, but is still good know the confirmation the event will still be happening. A massive showcase for Indies and large Game Companies, especially Japanese Developers, to show many new games and projects in the works. They are opening submissions for panels and exhibitors as of the 25th. Especially for companies in the industry they can have free roles to be listed, they are offering paid statuses for business meetings individually that they will be facilitating. They are Still in the Early Stages of TGS2020 Online and will release more information on their official webpage. The following is the statement about the show:
“The first online event at the Tokyo Game Show, TGS2020 ONLINE provides everyone with the opportunity to experience the fun and potential of advanced technology through games. Online, a world where people from all over the world can connect without time lag, beyond space and time. And there is a possibility that the game goes beyond the game and changes the future of various fields. With the evolution of technology and the power of games, the future is more exciting than ever. I want you to experience that joy with TGS2020 ONLINE as soon as possible. Please look forward to the “TGS2020 ONLINE”, a festival of games that the world is paying attention to.”

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