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We’ve brought you a few games that may be under the radar. Or even some games that you may have not even given a second look. For example, The Chinese Room gave us Everybody’s gone to the Rapture. A game well known but many may never have experienced it. Today I decided to revisit a short game, it’s a mystery thriller crossed with walking simulator-style game. The game in question is developed by One-O-One Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment. So let’s introduce you to The Suicide of Rachel Foster.

It launched on PC and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2020 and came to the Nintendo Switch a year later. The plot of The Suicide of Rachel Foster is that you play as Nicole who’s returned to the hotel her father owned a decade after leaving to sort out selling it at the request of her mother. However, the game may contain a theme some may find uncomfortable as it deals with suicide and sexual abuse involving children. So if this had ended up on your radar, it may be very much worth an on depth look to see if this is one you could play. The game focuses on what happened since Nicole left the hotel all those prior.

The Suicide Of Rachel Foster A Game That Is Underrated

Even with the themes linked to the game they aren’t heavily in your face. We have a strong story present as well. There is more than one ending available to you as well. Visually it’s a well-polished product and uses Unreal Engine 4 well. It would be interesting to see how this would look on Unreal Engine 5 with all the new lighting and ray-traced effects. As for how it looks on last-gen hardware let’s look at the footage below.

It looks really impressive in places, such as reflections on glass in picture frames and the lighting. It also plays fairly well though a better run/walk would be nicer. One annoying feature is the save game system. So we have an autosave only and some sections take longer than others but a manual save would be nice. Overall it’s as a game very well-designed, however, it’s hard to recommend based on the themes some may find unpleasant. All footage here is captured from the Xbox version running on an Xbox Series X.

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