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We’ve had some interesting horror titles shown for release recently. For example, we have a killer spider train in Choo Choo Charles which is set to launch soon on PC and next year for console. However, this next one may be very much another original title. Let’s introduce The Store Is Closed.

From the trailer posted by indie developer Ziggy which is seen above, we have what looks so much like IKEA in all but name being the basis of survival horror. Yes, you read right, a survival horror in a furniture store and The Store Is Closed is definitely one you won’t forget.

The Problem With The Store Is Closed

When you look at the thumbnail for the trailer, it’s so clearly obvious. Blue background, yellow letters. Very much like IKEA in fact. This is where the problem lies as well. The lawyers from IKEA have gotten in touch with the developer over this very issue. Kotaku reported they have sent a cease and desist letter to Ziggy (real name Jacob Shaw). It seems he has ten days to “change the game and remove all indicia associated with the famous Ikea stores.”.

The letter as highlighted in the article states

Your game uses a blue and yellow sign with a Scandinavian name on the store, a blue box-like building, yellow vertical stiped shirts identical to those worn by IKEA personnel, a gray path on the floor, furniture that looks like IKEA furniture, and product signage that looks like IKEA signage. All the foregoing immediately suggest that the game takes place in an IKEA store.

IKEA aren’t happy with this indie game

So now we have a developer having to change aspects of his game to avoid being sued. It is available on the wishlist on Steam and is planned to launch on PC. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are also expected to see the game launch on those systems. So what do you think about this unique news and game? As always we’d love to hear from you.

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