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Not too long ago we told you about The Settlers: New Allies. It’s available now on PC via the Ubisoft store as well as the Epic store. The console port was due at the end of last month after its PC release. If you look at the Epic store listing it has a 3.7 / 5 gamer score at the time of writing however the Metacritic scores were far from favorable at 59. So that console release date has been and gone and did that get a more favorable response?

So with the Ubisoft+ service, it would be a game free to try out to subscribers. When The Settlers: New Allies was set to launch on console Ubisoft’s subscription service was not available on Xbox. However recently that status has changed with Ubisoft+ now available on Xbox hardware. Albeit if you want it you have to get the Multi Access service which includes PC and Amazon Luna. With Some mixed reviews, I thought with a couple of other games I’d like to try I could at least subscribe for a month and try the first game in the franchise for over a decade.

The Settlers: New Allies Console Release Update

The game doesn’t appear on the console listing at all. When I looked more at it, the game has actually been delayed. Ubisoft announced the game was to be delayed indefinitely for consoles just three days before the game was due to launch.

Delays are a thing of the industry but delays so close to launch are less common. Humankind for console hit similar problems. Anno 1800 is an example along with Age of Empires 2 where these types of games can actually really work well on a console. However for now fans of The Settlers have to wait.

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