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Now look I used to be a reading purist, give me the book, let me bend the spine, and turn some pages. That feeling of seeing the words (probably mispronouncing half of them) and imagining the moments in your mind. The reason I listen to audiobooks now is simply because of life. Kids, work, podcasting, working out, writing, my dog, my wife, and how those important parts of my world chipped away at my reading time. Like a cape-wearing superhero, Audible swooped in to save the day.

Look, I know audiobooks are nothing new, but it was a new experience to me sort of. I had always listened to podcasts and plenty of music. It never crossed my mind to listen to the books I’ve always wanted to read. The idea of audiobooks felt like I was cheating or being lazy. Avoiding the act of setting time aside and physically turning pages. At one point I was at Barnes and Noble’s looking into the NOOK but the same issue of time arises.

Then I listened to System Apocalypse by Tao Wong narrated by Nick Podehl. My mind was blown by the voice acting and the story. I would listen to the book on the drive to and from work. While I walked on my breaks and even while sitting at my desk. Audiobooks provided me with a way to constantly absorb new stories while not having to give up anything. Well, sort of now I don’t listen to as much music or podcast but that’s beside the point I’m enjoying books again.

The Reason I Listen To Audiobooks

The mind is at every stage a theater of simultaneous possibilities.

William James, The Principles of Psychology

Audiobooks Reinvigorated My Love For Stories

For as long as I can remember I have had a vivid imagination. Would hear a simple story and imagine it taking a wild turn. Someone tripping and falling would lead me to imagine them getting up in an alternate dimension ruled by insects. They got to that dimension by falling precisely on a lay line between universes. Off the wall stories like that would constantly fly through my thoughts. Audiobooks provide that in bulk. Especially, hearing words from fantasy books be pronounced (what I assume) correctly. Also being carried through a story by a great voice actor is a refreshing experience. The gutwrenching moments of a favorite character being killed. A breath you did not realize you were holding during a life or death moment. Even the hilarious audible gasp when something crazy happens. Getting lost in a story while riding your stationary bike is legendary.

You can also catch me playing some turn-based RPGs while listening to audiobooks. Long-winded story short, audiobooks allowed me to enjoy more, of everything. Rides with the family, working out, grinding for skill levels in MMORPG’s all of it.

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