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The Last Of Us has proven itself to be a big franchise. It originally launched in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and was a huge success. Naughty Dog gave us a remaster on PlayStation 4 a year later and just a couple of years ago we saw the release of the sequel. Now the series is celebrating its tenth anniversary and in the build-up, we saw a full remake of the first game that launched as a console exclusive on PlayStation 5 with a The Last of Us PC version to follow. We also have the HBO series which is awaiting episode 4 this week.

We are also awaiting news on the upcoming multiplayer project. For this Naughty Dog has shown some concept art and we are expecting news on this later this year. We don’t know if this joins The Last of Us PC release or stays as a PlayStation exclusive, However, the one-anniversary release is coming and we don’t actually know the full information as yet. More information on changes for PC and even the PC requirements were promised and as yet we are still waiting for details.

The Last Of Us PC Release, Where We Are At Today

The game was meant to give Joel and Ellie their PC debut next month. The announced release date was set for 3rd March. Meaning we were only a month away. Then we have the following announcement from Naughty Dog.

So the game has received a small delay. It’s still coming next month just now at the end of the month with the release date now 28th March. However looking at both the Epic Store and Steam, we still have no PC requirements. Hopefully, this is something Naughty Dog addresses soon. Especially if you’re debating pre-ordering for PC.

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