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Whether you feel the remake for The Last of Us is a cash grab or not it’s coming. We have seen the trailer and the September release date. Also, one developer feels due to the amount of work put into it, it’s not a cash grab. Some will disagree with them and others won’t. However, it won’t be long till we can find out ourselves as The Last of Us part 1 has gone gold.

Naughty Dog posted the following on Twitter with an updated trailer.

Thrilled to announce The Last of Us Part I has gone gold! 🏅✨

Congratulations to the Dogs and our partners @PlayStation who contributed their passion and talent to the growing world of #TheLastofUs!

So it seems all the reports and stories of the well-underway work were indeed accurate.

The Last of Us Part 1 And When It Launches.

The game is set to come on the 2nd of September, which means the game is likely to meet its September launch. It gives plenty of time to tune and test for content for a day 1 update. As for the new trailer, it’s a fresh look at critical moments from the original release. Who forgets when Joel ends up hanging upside down or the bloater bursting into the school hall. Hopefully, it won’t be long until we can see gameplay comparisons. Also, we hope to hear news on the PC port before long.

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