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In today’s video game landscape, many genres are popular. When playing The Knight Witch, published by Team17 and developed by Super Awesome Hyper Dimension Mega Team, gamers can play a good game that meshes multiple styles. An action adventure, side-scrolling, bullet fest Metroidvania with an exciting story, fun game mechanics, and fast-paced gameplay combined. During my playthrough on my Xbox Series X, I found myself challenged and rewarded, all while enjoying this unique adventure, and I will give my unbiased impression throughout this review.

The Knight Witch Story

The Knight Witches. Faure, the conjurer; Sykora, the weapon master; Irine, the trickster; and Robyn, the Angel of Destruction, the strongest knight witch, and leader. In a war against the Daigadai Empire, the knight witches use their connection to the citizens, called “The Link,” to prevail against the Emperor. The Knight Witches ended the war. This is the story of the Battle of the Broken Sky. However, the surrounding land takes significant damage, which leaves a massive hole. The surviving citizens travel deep beneath the surface, down the hole, into Dungeonidas.

The Knight Witch
The Knight Witch

Fast forward 14 years. The citizens have settled in Dungeonidas, including Rayne, the fifth Knight Witch, and the youngest, who has never fully activated her powers with the link. Rayne sets off to find her husband, Akai when the Daigadai Empire returns to attack the citizens. The story was a great starting point for the game; however, throughout the adventure, the plot thickens, adding value to the fun factor.

The Knight Witch Gameplay

The Knight Witch is also available on PS5 & PS4!

I have come to recognize that I love the gameplay in indie games. The Knight Witch follows that pattern with its effortless meshing of gameplay styles. Veteran Metroidvania gamers expect to travel a map, destroying enemies, from a platform gaming perspective. To my surprise, this game offers so much more. The combination of RPG elements, timing-based puzzles, and fast-paced bullet hell make for endless challenges throughout the game. Talking to townsfolk in this game genre adds depth to the experience and provides entertainment outside the main characters.

The action remains unique as you fly through the map, which plays more linearly and provides a next task tracker unknown to Metroidvania games. The twin-stick style of combat is not my favorite gameplay style, but it plays perfectly here. Players can either aim manually or use auto aim, choosing between more severe damage or moderate damage based on their choice. Rayne can turn the tide in battles easily using unique attack spell cards. Use mana to projectile attack, defend, and even buff your character. Find cards to add to your deck by solving puzzles, finding hidden areas, winning challenges, and progressing through the game.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the boss fights. Rayne encounters large enemies that pose a significant challenge, combining multiple elements to conquer each battle. The difficulty of the boss fights adds value to the gameplay. Rayne confronts different Daigadai threats via the air or ground, including traps. The exploration in this game is critical. Players can use the map to see where they have traveled and where they have not, which helps with backtracking for spell cards and mini-missions.

Visuals & Audio

The art direction of The Knight Witches is by far one of the staples of the game. The beautifully hand-drawn backdrops, characters, and enemies breathe life into the story. The amount of detail in the background immersed me in every map area. While progressing further in the game, the art style reminded me of Hollow Knight, another gorgeous game. I still remember the graphic details of the enemies’ and boss’ fights; they are pleasant memories. Fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

The music score is another essential quality of this incredible gaming experience. I have played many Metroidvania games, but the music here takes on fast-paced action by matching the intensity of the elements of the game. Safe areas provide an RPG vibe to the music score while also giving players a rest and time to strategize. Dangerous sites provide an uptempo techno vibe that ramps up the intensity. When I first encountered a boss fight, the music played a significant role in the fun that followed, and the music has not left my brain since.

The Knight Witch– Final Verdict

I find it hard not to enjoy Metroidvania games, and The Knight Witch follows in a history of enjoyable games of the same genre. Team 17 and the Super Awesome Hyper Dimension Mega Team did a phenomenal job with this game. The story arc is excellent. However, it starts slow and picks up the further you play. The action is top-notch and gives a unique experience due to the multiple game elements that make for a once-in-a-lifetime type of game.

Learn the story of the witches, and enjoy the impressive indie art style of the characters while conquering the challenging and addictive gameplay. Shoot and dodge bullet hell, and build and use spell decks while losing yourself in a handcrafted world of beauty and destruction. The Knight Witches is one of my favorite gaming experiences of 2022, and I think all gamers should give it a playthrough at least once. The Knight Witches earn a final score of 9 out of 10.

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The Knight Witch




  • Great Story
  • Solid Action Mixed with Diverse Gameplay
  • Cool Art

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