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Did you grab Sons of the Forest when it hit early access? As we know it’s sold very well and is off to a fantastic start. The game recently got an update that added new items such as binoculars and a hang glider. With all the successes of the launch it’s easy to forget the original. The Forest has done really well in it’s own right both on PC and on PlayStation 4 as well. I have the game on PlayStation 4 and it runs incredibly well. If you’re after a survival game then it’s one worth adding!

It would seem that Sons of the Forest has people interested in playing the original as well.The Forest has seen a resurgence on PlayStation hardware. It hasn’t received an upgrade so runs via backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5. As of now the sequel is PC exclusive though we see there is a fan base on PlayStation.

How Well The Forest Is Doing

The PlayStation Blog has a list of the most downloaded games for February. So according to Sony, what games were popular. If we look at the USA and Canada for PlayStation 4 first we see that The Forest is sitting at eighth. When we look at the European downloads, the game is sitting at third with only Minecraft and The Last of Us Part 2 being higher. Naughty Dogs sequel has a hugely popular HBO show to help it. Hopefully Endnight Games bring their successful sequel to console as well.

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