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Last year the issue regarding the EA FIFA series we brought to your attention became reality. As fans of the sport know FIFA is the shortened name for the sports governing body. It stands for Fédération Internationale de football association. It’s in French as it was founded in Paris in 1904 even though they operate from Zurich. Now the issues with EA meant the game couldn’t continue with the existing name so as of next year the annual EA offering will be known as EA Sports FC. Though now with Konami rebranding Pro Evolution Soccer into a free-to-play eFootball, EA doesn’t have a competitor now for when they themselves rebrand.

That was until today as we have the news the FIFA series is returning. So the question is, who’s taking on the license now? Well, the story broke and was announced by the Chief Sports Reporter for The Times Martyn Ziegler. He states that “Infantino says FIFA will go head-to-head with EA Sports by launching rival video game (EA Sports refused cash demands to keep FIFA’s name) “The new FIFA game – the FIFA 25, 26, 27 and so on – will always be the best egame for any girl or boy, we will have news on this very soon”. However, FIFA did say last they would continue to make a football games without EA

Who Infantino Is And How They Can Claim About The Return Of The FIFA Series

For many, the name won’t mean a thing but for football fans, the name Gianni Infantino is well known. He’s the recently re-elected president of FIFA and is already the authority over controversial World Cup changes. So when it becomes to the FIFA brand, he’s the person who should know. However, we see claims of the “best egame” which is a bold claim indeed. EA had the franchise going back to FIFA International Soccer in 1993. We also don’t know who’s developing the game to rival EA Sports FC. Being a lifelong fan of the sport, owned every game in the FIFA franchise by EA going back to the original on the Megadrive/Genesis, I’m very intrigued. Would they be seeking to have it as part of the 2K sports game or a completely new studio? This will be one we have to wait and see.

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