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Open world and zombie games seem to be thin on the ground. If you excuse Days Gone, State of Decay, and Dying Light. With Dying Light we have the sequel coming and the first game is confirmed that an upgrade is on the way. On the whole, it’s a genre that seems fairly neglected. An idea that has not been utilized with zombies is the MMO genre. That is what Fantastic has done, but since the gameplay trailer in April their game dropped off the radar. A new trailer dropped yesterday not only showed new gameplay but some release news as well. So let’s introduce you to the world of The Day Before.

For those wondering what to expect in this upcoming survival game, well let’s compare a couple of games. Think of The Last of Us. A game you’re sure to recognize. Then picture the Ubisoft title The Division or more specifically the Dark Zone. Then the idea behind The Day Before may start to make sense. More was shown at the games developer event. The trailer description is as follows.

The Day Before is an open-world MMO survival game set in a post-pandemic America. You wake up alone in a world that you don’t recognize, and will need to hunt for resources and answers as you explore. However, you’ll need to compete with other survivors for food and weapons, all while avoiding the flesh-hungry infected that roam the streets.

The Day Before Platform and Release Information

The original announcement said it was coming to PC with no console news. This new trailer however advertised a release for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 for The Day Before. Fantastic had said prior that they wanted to bring this to consoles. Though it won’t be a cross-gen release as no mention of Xbox One or PlayStation 4. For PC players the game is set for Sumner launch with the trailer stating 21st June next year. Hopefully closer to launch they will announce a concrete release date for consoles.

However, we want your thoughts. Will this interest you and just hearing about this now? Or have you been following this and eagerly awaiting the release?

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