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DC Fandome has been the gift that keeps on giving today. DC blessed us with various panels, upcoming movies trailers, and teasers, and even let us know that Milestone Media will be returning in 2021(I’ll save that for later). The trailer that caught my attention the most &  that I’ve watched over and over was the new trailer for Batman. Robert Pattinson is the new Bruce Wayne/Batman, and there was a lot packed into that 2:24 trailer. The movie seems to take place very earlier in Batman’s crime-fighting career like “Year One” or “Zero Year.” Jeffery Wright will be starring as commissioner Jim Gordon, and that should be great. The movie villain will be The Riddler but a more sadistic version of The Riddler. Throughout the trailer, there are various riddles and messages taped to people’s chests. Riddler isn’t going to be the green suit wearing Riddlers that you’re used to seeing. The Riddler will be closer to maybe the  “War of Jokes and Riddles” version of Riddler. If you have seen the DCAU movie Batman: Hush, the Riddler will be closer to that version.  Interesting to see how this plays out because Riddler says, “You’re part of this too.” at the end of the trailer. Robert Pattinson looks cool in the Batsuit and the Batsuits excellent. Some of the photos released a while didn’t look promising. However, seeing it in the trailer; I like it. The batmobile looks AMAZING and just how it should look since it’s probably the first model. The batmobile looks like a supercharged muscle car that would beat and any vehicle in the fast and furious franchise. We get to see Batman handling some street thugs, and he puts a beating on one of them. He whoops one of the thugs so bad that the guys in the back had to be thinking, “Crime is not for me.” Also, there a couple of clips of a young Catwoman! Two clips of her where she was breaking into a safe and a small altercation with Batman. When it was announced that Batman was being rebooted, I had low expectations, but after the trailer, I’m excited. With this reboot, hopefully, DC can deliver more Batman stories. I’ll leave the trailer below and comment on what you enjoyed. Head over to to watch the rerun.     <—-

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