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So if you hear the name of Polish developer Techland, what games spring to mind? Most of us are thinking of the original Dead Island, not the Dambuster’s sequel due this year. We could expect to hear the Dying Light franchise mentioned. Dying Light 2 itself suffered a few delays but was nowhere near as bad. We reviewed that game and the review can be found here. What many may not be aware of they announced last year their new game but for many, it may have slipped under the radar. Though what was the new game that was announced, was it zombie related?

The new game by Techland is not about zombies at all. The new game at the time was said to be a fantasy RPG. Let’s see the story about the game to follow on from zombies. If we look at the official website we find the announcement. They said they “are ready to embark on a new adventure”. So what we have coming is “an unannounced AAA Open World Action-RPG in a fantasy setting”. Very different from the zombie threat we’ve become accustomed to. Though Eurogamer mentioned this was coming even before Dying Light 2.

The New Details On The Techland Fantasy RPG

So now we have an official announcement posted on Twitter today. So what can we understand from this news?

So we know from last year it’s an action RPG in a fantasy open world. The exotic open world means we can expect something more vibrant than we’ve seen in the Dying Light franchise. It is a story-based RPG though we have no idea if it’s going to offer co-op as well. Though both Dying Light and Dead Island co-op has been from my personal experience a lot of fun.

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