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We’ve provided various examples of survival games, with one of the current most popular being Sons of the Forest. The game’s predecessor was a huge hit on PlayStation in February, indicating the success of its launch. Additionally, the viking-themed game Valheim is another popular title that can consume a lot of time once you get started, especially when played co-op on a console port.

But what about future titles? One upcoming project in the survival genre takes a sci-fi approach by incorporating machines, with an open-world Terminator survival game. However, this isn’t the only sci-fi survival project on the horizon. I’m particularly interested in the upcoming adaptation of the iconic HG Wells story, War of the Worlds. This made me wonder if there are other examples, even in movies, that could fit the genre. The first idea that came to mind was Alien.

Other Survival Project Ideas

Another film franchise that would possibly suit the genre is Predator. For example, the film Predators is about mercenaries needing to work together to survive an alien planet. Even the original film we see Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch working out how to survive and take down the iconic hunter.

With the success of Sons of the Forest and Valheim, the genre is very much alive. It’s a very underrated genre as they can have a steep learning curve. Though the rewards are great if you persevere. Though we’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you feel a survival game would benefit the world of one of the most iconic hunters? Or would you be able to come up with a better idea?

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