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Deep Silver’s new IP Windbound is available today for digital download on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC via the Epic Games Store & Steam. Taking the survival genre in a new direction, Windbound features nomadic hunting and exploration combined with custom boat building and immersive sailing experience. Fans of Rogue-like titles are in for a treat as the game has endless replayability options thanks to the procedural world, dynamic wildlife, and modular boat crafting Mitchell Clifford, co-founder, and Lead Animator at 5 Lives Studios released the following statement about Windbound:

Creating Windbound has been an unforgettable experience, through both calm winds and turbulent seas, We’re thrilled for players to finally embark on their journey alongside Kara and explore the mysteries of the archipelago. These are just the first steps into the world of Windbound, and there are exciting things on the path ahead.

To go along with the release of Windbound Deep Silver has released a six-minute developer diary-style trailer which features gameplay and interviews. You can watch the video below. Key Features:
  • Uncover the Secrets Within – Embark on a personal journey and discover the history of the idyllic Forbidden Islands, each island holding the key to a mystery and unexpected revelations.
  • Explore As Far As The Eye Can See – Head towards the horizon and advance across multiple islands, each with their own diverse wildlife, landscapes, and challenges to face.
  • Live Off The Land – Scavenge the islands’ untamed terrain for resources that you can use to craft a full range of tools and weapons to hunt wildlife and upgrade your boat. You must set sail when resources become scarce.
  • Build The Perfect Seacraft – Your boat is your key companion on this journey. Carefully craft your own custom sailing vessel to take on the treacherous waters traversing from one island to the next. Design your boat to battle tempestuous winds, monstrous waves, and deadly sea creatures.
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