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I’m back with a new and awesome article, I hope everyone had a great holiday. Netflix has been amping up their anime catalog with some really good shows, shows as Super Crooks. A series where super-powered villains pull off heists and other things. The series was so fun to watch with many great aspects that I will go over in this article. This is Super Crooks: The Super Powered Heists Anime, enjoy and possible spoilers.

Characters that feel right within the world

The writing for the characters is so great. Each of them feels like they belong within the world, the way they interact with the environment around them is done wonderfully. The vibe well with each other playing off of the cast around them. A great example is the two lovers Johnny and Kasey.

From the very start, these two play off each other and the world so well. They are both villains who realize sooner or later they will have put that life behind them. This with what plays out in the show is done wonderfully. Many other great characters are fun and entertaining to watch

Super Hijinks

While the powers themselves are not the most unique the way they are used for the heists is just so fun to watch. Each power that is shown plays an important part in the job that the crew is doing. Even when things don’t go to plan it is still fun to watch how the characters use their powers to get back on track. A great example of this is with Roddy and Sammy Diesel and their super healing.

In this scene, the brothers have to go through a trap that keeps cutting them into pieces, all so they can press a button. It’s scenes like this and others where the series shine. Another character Tk who can move things with his mind and raise an army of the dead and made them ride on bikes. I love this stuff…I’m weird.

The action

Now being a show about superpowers means you gotta have some action and let me tell you this show has some great action. The animation is great and makes the action stand out even more. And every time there is a high-speed chase it’s just so fun to watch. A great example of the action is when Johnny and his pals are running from a hero who can turn into a ball.

This whole episode is fun. Seeing how everyone uses their powers to either fight or escape in creative ways. I know I maybe should have put this in the last section, however, I feel that it belongs here because the powers amp up the action to this great extent. The series is a fun watch with the action alone.

Parting words

It’s good to be back!! This was Super Crooks: The Super Powered Heists Anime. I hope you enjoyed it. To watch Super Crooks go to Netflix and for more of me go to Caleb J on lv1 gaming. Until next time see you around.

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