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Summer of Gaming 2022 started last week, and there are a lot of games to look forward to. There were new announcements, more details on previously announced titles, and plenty of gameplay. Each showcase featured a number of titles that have been added to my wishlist, and I’m here to share my top five so far. They are not going to be in the order of importance but simply the ones that I am buying without a doubt.

Spells & Secrets

In my opinion, anything that allows me to believe that my letter to Hogwarts has arrived is a must-play. I won’t say that everyone likes the universe of Harry Potter, but I know a lot of people who do. The only thing that makes me nervous about this game is that it is categorized as a Rougelike on Steam. However, the idea of casting spells and causing havoc at school sounds like a good time to me.

Symphony of War

Folks if you know anything about me you know that Ogre Battle 64 is one of my all-time favorite games. This title inspired my love for tactical RPGs such as XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics. So when I was watching the Freedom Games Showcase and saw Symphony of War, I squealed a little bit. It looked like a remake of an older Ogre Battle Game and I was immediately sold on it.


Oblivion/Fallout 4 in space is all I want from Starfield and the gameplay reveal gave me just that. I play a lot of Bethesda Game Studios titles and this one looks to have my favorite mechanics. Traits, crafting, and Oblivion-style RPG elements. I will be buying a physical collectors edition of this game when they announce it even though it will be on Game Pass.

High On Life

Rick and Morty is a top-tier TV show and to create a shooter that gives that vibe is something I must play. The idea of building relationships with your talking alien weapons as you save humans from becoming drugs. Is just the fever dream of a game I’m looking to spend some time in. I hope High On Life comes out with some wacky physical edition of the game. Maybe even a Gatlien model collectors edition.

Potion Permit

Stardew Valley but you are a potion maker earning the goodwill of a small town. Sign me up. Seriously I have put in four hours into the demo that is currently available during Steam Next Fest. This game has okay combat. But the puzzle mechanics and mini-games that go into crafting potions and diagnosing patients are fun. Also, the art design for Potion Permit is a pixel lover’s dream.

Summer of Gaming 2022 Overall

Overall Summer of Gaming 2022 showcased plenty of games that LV1 Gaming will be keeping an eye on. It was a surprising amount of horror games. Also, a good portion of games used the original PlayStation graphics, Signalis is one example. There was definitely something for everyone during these past couple of days and indie titles are still carrying gaming.

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