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Firstly, thank you to HypeTrain Digital for providing us with a code for the Stoneshard early access beta. Developed by Ink Stains Games and published by HypeTrain Digital. Stoneshard an open-world turn-based RPG based in a wartorn kingdom and you are a working medieval mercenary. Stoneshard Early Access Above all, this game is brutal. The only way to currently save progress is to pay 15 gold to rent a room and sleep. Folks it costs money which is difficult to come by in order to create a save point. This mechanic makes each simple trip out of town into a high-risk adventure. Combat is very difficult but fair. Not one engagement has felt impossible. The combat is not a separate event like Final Fantasy Tactics, it is seamlessly part of the open world. To clarify this is a deep RPG. Attributes, health, psyche, and each major body part has a health bar It is a lot. It is not unbearable but it adds an intricate dynamic. When your limb is injured and it is not immediately repaired the damage begins to cause negative effects on other stats. Stoneshard Early Access This game has a beautiful mix of old school Fallout statistics and Diablo inventory system. For an early access game, RPG Ink Stains Games have something wonderful on their hands. An item that allows you to save on the go would be a nice addition and looking forward to the character creation. Stoneshard beta or early access is available now on steam and is worth a try.  

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