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Final Fantasy is without a doubt one of the most prolific JRPGs in the world. And after the original announcement at a State of Play in late 2020. There has been very little info since the initial announcement. But that all changed as Sony and Square Enix went out with a bang. Closing the State of Play with a brand new Final Fantasy XVI trailer.

In the new trailer shown off, we get to see more gameplay and the look of combat, but it mainly focuses on the Dominance. These dominants act as the avatars for many of the iconic summons and gods that have been staples of Final Fantasy for decades like Shiva, Ifrit, and especially Bahamut.

Within the trailer, the combat looks like a massive evolution of the Action RPG feel we got in XV but this only makes sense. And seeing more of it we got a better idea of the combo system and the HUD, however, this may not be the final look.

However, most interesting is that not only will there be fights as a human fighting other humans and monsters like the iconic Coerul; but, we will even fight as an icon against other icons. And those fights are going to be on a grand and visual scale. The more that they show off the harder it is to wait. However, we won’t have to wait much longer.

As the final seconds of the Final Fantasy XVI trailer gave us a release window of Summer 2023. So be on the lookout for it to launch next year on PS5 and PS4, maybe. There has been no confirmation if it will support last-gen PlayStations.

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