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In a Galaxy Far Far Away, a little studio you may have heard of, Respawn Entertainment has been hard at work with the newest entry to the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is finally here and we have lots to talk about!

This is not the Way

I can’t without a good conscience, not talk about the game’s blatant issues. Technically, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor struggles in all realms across all platforms. The developers have already made statements acknowledging these issues and already have plans to drop patches in the coming days/weeks. However, as our review code was provided on PlayStation 5 this has been my experience.

I played the game in Performance mode. Framerates are all over the place as the game struggles to hit the 60fps target that it is going for. In Performance mode, there is also noticeable screen tearing and resolution drops immensely. I have also come across three hard crashes that sent me straight to the dashboard causing me to have minor setbacks in my progress in the game.

Hopefully, by the time you read this review, some of these issues are taken care of and performance will be ironed out. But buyer beware right now the game’s performance is rough. Now let’s get down into the Sarlacc Pit and dig into the world that Respawn has created

Start Your New Journey

Without giving any spoilers for the game’s story, Jedi Survivor takes place five years after the events of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. We return to playing as Cal Kestis, who is not only older and wiser. But stronger as a Jedi. Cal has been struggling to stay ahead of the ever-growing Empire and their efforts to rid the universe of all Jedi. We come across new and familiar faces, alongside new villains as well. There are huge set pieces along your journey that move the story forward and surprise the fans of the franchise I know will come to love.

The pacing of everything felt great. I didn’t feel like the main plot overstayed its welcome or was filled with lackluster content to pad out game time. Even the “Rumors’ or Side Mission the game presents are fun to complete and there is a lot to explore on each planet. They also expanded customization for Cal, BD-1, your lightsaber, and more. This is just another great edition that was expanded upon from the previous entry that truly makes you feel like you are creating your own Jedi story.

Do or Do Not, There is no try

Do is exactly what the developers have done. The scope and scale of Jedi Survivor have been amplified from its predecessor. Not only are these worlds well-crafted and fun to explore, they are absolutely stunning to look at. Each world has its unique feel and style to it. Not only that but as you progress through the main story and unlock new abilities. You can then go back to previous worlds and unlock new paths to gain access to new rewards or Legendary Boss fights. Every aspect of this game is designed to reward you for your work. Whether it be Shards, Data Discs, or Jedi Scrolls. You can use these items across various shops to trade in to obtain new gear and perks for Cal and his lightsaber or cosmetics to change the look of BD-1.

Master the Force

Gameplay for Jedi Survivor is also top-notch. If you are not familiar with this particular franchise I can describe it along the lines of a very Souls “lite” type of experience. However, they do have a difficulty slider that you can adjust to meet your play style to match what difficulty you are comfortable playing in. The overall layout is very much Souls-like.

Through each of the levels, you will find meditation points where you can “Rest” Cal which not only replenishes his overall health and stim canisters. It also respawns all main enemies in the level except for Legendary and Normal bosses.

Combat is meaty, I would have to say that this is the best iteration I’ve seen of lightsaber combat. Not only do basic attacks feel great but when the game’s performance is reaching the targeted 60fps everything just feels so smooth. The new stances that you obtain along the way make your way to try new combinations. While this is Cal’s story, how you play is completely up to the player.

May the Force Be With You

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is another showcase of amazing storytelling and gameplay put together by some amazing developers over at Respawn Entertainment. Star Wars fans will find a lot to love with this title. I would even recommend people who aren’t Star Wars fans to give this game a shot as the gameplay and storytelling is just simply fantastic and a joy to play through! Despite the technical issues that the game suffers from there is still so much to enjoy from this title. The developers are already hard at work on patches to help with performance.

*As of 5/5/2023 there was an update that helps stabilize performance across all platforms.*

Integrity Corner

Game Code was provided to Lv1 Gaming by the publisher for the purpose of this review. Logan spent 30+ hours in the galaxy that is Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Reaching the conclusion of the game and unlocking 40/54 of the game’s trophies and planning on going back and revisiting the game to hopefully unlock the Platinum Trophy!

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Star Wars: Jedi Survivor




Sound Design







  • Amazing cast of Character
  • Great Gameplay
  • Fun Exploration
  • Massive Set pieces


  • Framerate Issues at launch
  • Resolution dips

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