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So eagle-eyed readers may notice I am a fan of the STALKER franchise. I revisited the original game Shadow of Chernobyl at the start of the year. However, I went further and looked at a case for the original to be revisited. Personally, I feel a port for console if not a remaster and the standalone expansions would be a welcome addition and be useful for console gamers, especially with the upcoming sequel due.

The second main STALKER game we have no clue when it’s releasing. The game has suffered multiple delays. So the last confirmed date it was given was 8th December last year which was never met. However, none of this is down to the developer GSC Game World. They are based in Kyiv, Ukraine. So the invasion of Russia left some of them serving their country or even fleeing so naturally finishing the game was low on the list of priorities.

The Latest On STALKER 2

Well, the game was given a 2023 release window, and nothing more was said. If you browse the Steam listing we see the game is listed as December. The official website at the time provided links to pre-order a physical copy. The listings have changed but 8th December was shown. So now as we see only Steam offers any clue.

We know the game is at Gamescom and will also have a demo available. So is the game close to launch? Well, Plaion, or who were known as Koch Media have a listing stating 1st December. This is also seen on Amazon Germany. No doubt we’ll hear more before the month is out when Gamescom takes place later on this month. At the time of writing it will be launching on Xbox Series X/S and PC. This may launch on PlayStation 5 at a later date.

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