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Are You Ready Kids?!

Almost eight years ago we saw the finale for Spongebob SquarePants on TV and while the show may have ended our favorite yellow friend lives on thanks to the developers over at Purple Flame. The Cosmic Shake is the first new Spongebob Square pants adventure in seven years outside of the remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom.

In the Cosmic Shake, we follow our yellow square friend across an assortment of worlds as we put Bikini Bottom together after Spongebob uses wish-granting mermaid tears that inadvertently cause Bikini Bottom and Spongebob’s friends to get sucked into portals that lead to many different worlds. It is up to Spongebob and Patrick to gather everyone back! Sounds like an easy task right?

I Can’t Hear You!

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is a platformer through and through. You have the game’s main hub area which is the destroyed version of Bikini Bottom that you must put back together. In this hub world, there are secrets to find and familiar characters thrown about in disarray. They can give you little missions to complete in the Cosmic realm that differ from level to level. Each level has its own unique setting and new ability Spongebob will learn along the way. Each level you come across they are typically broken down into three sections with a boss fight at the end of each one.

The level design is one of The Cosmic Shake’s highlights. Everything in here feels right when you compare it to the source material. Worlds are bright and colorful and chock full of things to do. Each of the seven main missions is unique from the others. From trekking through the Medieval Sulfur Fields to slapping your way through Karatetown, and everything else in between.

While the game is not something as graphically intense as say the new remake of Dead Space. I rotated from playing on both Xbox Series X/S. Performance was solid with little hiccups here and there. Between both versions that I played, I found little to no difference in the quality of the game across both systems.

I Love Kara-te!

Combat is relatively simple, as you start out with only one basic attack to use. As you travel and complete each level you will gain new abilities along the way. You will also notice as you are going through levels that there are certain areas closed off as you do not have the ability at the time to access these areas. This gives the game a good sense of replayability. As exploration is a huge chunk of how your time will be spent. There are tons of collectibles and secrets to find if you want to achieve 100% completion. Revisiting past locations and using your newfound abilities is a must to do so.

While the story is nothing super complex. I still enjoyed what the game had to offer. Maybe it was nostalgia kicking in for one of my childhood shows. But I found myself laughing and chuckling at the absurdity that is our favorite sponge. Not only that but the sound design and voiceovers from the original cast make the world really feel like you are living in Bikini Bottom! However, each level lasts around an hour, give or take. By the end of the game, having only one track per level began to grate on my nerves.

In Conclusion and Without A Moment To Spare!

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is a great entry to the series that leads me to be excited for what Purple Lamp does with the series next. With a vibrant world and a wonderful cast of characters to hang out with and wacky worlds to explore. It would be hard for me to not recommend this game to anyone that has ever been a fan of the TV show.

Integrity Corner

Logan spent 11 hours restoring Bikini Bottoms to its former glory while obtaining 27/44 of the game’s achievements. The game code was provided by THQ Nordic for the purpose of this Review.

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SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake








Sound Design/VO



  • Original Cast Voice Overs
  • Exploration
  • Level Variety


  • Simplistic Combat
  • Soundtrack variety per level

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