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LV1 Gaming made its way to PAX West 2023 and had the opportunity to interview a developer behind Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To. Developed and published by Soft Not Weak this action-puzzle game features an amazing design along with addictive gameplay. Spirit Swap takes place in a magical world with demons, witches, and everything in between. Another standout is the main character Samar, who works for a spirit-swapping agency and notices an unusually high number of spirits crossing over. And, by using magical puzzle patterns, you will be casting powerful spells while listening to Lofi Beats to figure out what is going on.

Key Features

  • Swap to a custom lofi soundtrack by the incredible Meltycanon as you reassemble lost spirits.
  • Cast powerful spells by arranging spirits into special patterns to unlock potent powers.
  • Bond with a cast of witches and demons… and maybe even smooch!
  • Decorate your bedroom. Earn trinkets and keepsakes as you play, then place them in Samar’s room to impact gameplay.
  • Enjoy unique game modes, including Endless and local Versus!

Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 To, Developer Interview

I had the opportunity to play multiplayer mode with Soft Not Weak developer Rejon Taylor-Foster during the interview, and they did not disappoint. The gameplay is quick, and starting a new match is even quicker. As a result, my stubborn self was quickly beaten over and over by a developer. However, it is a fun puzzle game with a diverse cast of characters and a Lofi sound and feel. There is no official release date listed on Steam, but it is expected to be sometime this year. You can Wishlist it now!

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