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Sony has this current console generation on lockdown. Playstation 4 outsold the Xbox One, 2 to 1 has a large portion of the fanbase ready to pay any price they list for the Playstation 5. Yet, still has not revealed its release date and more importantly price. Sony must know something about the Xbox Series X that we don’t. Why is Sony playing an unnecessary game of chicken with a company it tramples over on a worldwide scale. Sony must know something Firstly, Playstation 4 has more than 200 console exclusives and that includes VR and Indie titles. Xbox One has less than 150 so sony has a win in this category. Exclusive titles have always been a major topic in the console war debates. Certainly, Sony’s exclusives when compared to Xbox One’s are better reviewed across gaming news platforms. Titles such as The Last Of Us Part 2, God of War, and Persona 5 had Metacritic scores over 90. While only finding Ori and the Will of Wisp and Forza Horizon 4 with a score of 90 or more. Secondly, Playstation fans have made it clear that they are buying a PlayStation regardless of the price. Sony knows they control the current console market the numbers and the community says so. However, the not so consumer-friendly moves they are making such as not focusing on backwards compatibility for one. They even made a major design change to the controller that looks eerily similar to the Xbox’s design. Seriously what is going on with Sony they are not moving like the company that is leading the pack. Sony must know something Speaking from a place of neutrality and ownership of all current consoles as well as a gaming PC. Understand that this is not a fanboy’s plea for Sony to do better, simply an inquiry into the thought process behind this lack of action. Furthermore, Microsoft is no small company and should always be respected as a competitor but as stated by Xbox head Phil Spencer,
When you talk about Nintendo and Sony, we have a ton of respect for them, but we see Amazon and Google as the main competitors going forward.
Hearing that Sony is no longer on their radar they are missing the chance to completely control the console space. Sony should release its PS5 price and accept preorders first if they wish to keep the top spot. Xbox is clearly pushing the game anywhere concept with game pass while Sony does not put much time into Playstation Now. Doubling down on standard console gaming and catering to the “purest” would be the best gameplan to lock in the next generation of console gaming. Still, I want to know what has Sony so shook.

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