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Death Trash the post-apocalyptic action RPG is officially in early access on Steam. Here are some tips and items to look for to make your experience a little easier before leaving the first main area in Death Trash. Now the beauty in this game is that you can truly play it your way. If you want to be a Strength heavy blunt melee character or an empathetic ranged weapon master that is up to you. This information is here so that you don’t miss out on any items.

I know this one is cheesy but for the love of flesh, DO THE TUTORIAL! Or the “Surface Integration Course”. You will be walked through all of the basic mechanics of combat and stealth in the game. During the tutorial make sure to check all cabinets/containers because you will find crafting material and trash. You will get an old rifle, stealth body modification, a light combat vest, and a wood cudgel. Also some early experience from demolishing some enemies. P.S. pick up all of the meat you see that is one way to heal yourself in the world of Death Trash (Unless you are playing the Veganism mode)

This Will Be The First NPC To Speak With You

some tips

After you survive the tutorial there will be an area with the Fleshkraken. Now how you choose to interact with it and its guardian is up to you. But make sure to look around the area and pick up the crafting materials called Hexenfingers, they are a yellow plant.

Hexenfingers Stand Out From Other Plants

Some Tips

Now as soon as you leave the Krakens Temple check the areas to the left and right of the staircase. You will find the crafting material Zircon it’s a blue crystal-looking item. Also, you will find on a robotic-looking blob more Zircon and an experience boosting item called Memorabilia.

Check The Entire Area Before Moving On

Some Tips

Throughout this area called “Kraken Temple Outside,” you will find 3 hexenfingers, 1 knowledge fragment, 2 canned foods, trash, 2 zircons, mechanics, and plenty of meat. The enemies you will encounter are flesh worms and infected flesh monsters.

Knowlege Fragments Grants 50 EXP

Some Tips

If this is your first introduction to an open world type game remember this check every corner of an area. Open every container you can, and if it highlights click on it. There are often items that will help you advance quicker through whatever game you’re playing. In the case of Death Trash, there will be more crafting material and experience-boosting items.

Fully Explored Area Before Accessing The World Map

Some Tips

Let us know what you think of the Death Trash Early Access. Also if you would like to see more of this type of content for the game.

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Screenshots of Items and Enemies

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